Pop-Up Window 004




This script sets up the window using a form.  It does not work well in Netscape


<!-- options may be added to the for its attributes -->
function JumpSelect(fn) {
var whi= eval("form" + fn +"." + fn +".value");,fn,"width=500,height=500");

Script instructions for <BODY> of the HTML Document

<form name="formj1" action="javascript:JumpSelect('j1')">
<p align="center"><select name="j1" size="1"
style="font-weight: bold; background-color: #FFFF00">
<option value="images/bh1.jpg" selected>Bird House 1
<option value="images/bh2.jpg">Bird House 2
<option value="images/bh3.jpg">Bird House 3
<option value="images/bh4.jpg">Bird House 4
</select><input type="submit" value="Let's See It!"></p>

Paste script between the <HEAD></HEAD> tags.

Paste script where needed in the body of the HTML Document.

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