Image Flip 002

This the same as Image Rotate 001, except the script is different.


Script Instructions for <HEAD></HEAD> tags.

<!-- Paste between the <HEAD></HEAD> tags. -->

if(document.images) {
baseball = new Image
football = new Image

baseball.src = "images/baseball.gif"
football.src = "images/football.gif"
baseball = ""
football = ""
document.ball = ""



Script instructions for the body of the HTML Document.

<!-- Paste in the body of the HTML Document -->
<A HREF="bye!.htm" onMouseover="document.ball.src=baseball.src"
onMouseout="document.ball.src=football.src"><img src="images/football.gif" width="150" height="145"
border="0" name="ball" alt="ball"></A>

One of the biggest mistakes people make when writing this script us they fail to utilize the "name" tag in the image request, the name must also appear in the mouseover request. Note--ball.

Paste script between the <HEAD></HEAD> tags.

Paste script where needed in the body of the HTML Document.

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